FileFront Giving Away 50,000 Retail Copies of Saga

The folks over at Gaming Today have secured a great deal with publisher Silverlode. They are giving away 100 million dollars! They are giving away 50,000 copies of the ‘MMORTS’ PC game, Saga. I for one will be getting my free key, my motto is “if it’s free, then I’ll buy it”… or something like that. Now make like a tree, and get out of here! (and play Saga for nada) Wow, I’m full of ryhmes today.

For the first time in FileFront history, the Ziff Davis site is offering a full copy of a released game: SAGA, the world’s first collectible MMO RTS. Players have until May 11th to secure one of 50,000 Retail Keys available at SAGA can normally be purchased for $19.95 from the official SAGA website and at many hobby stores across America.

SAGA has no subscription fees. Players pay as little or as much as they decide, by purchasing ‘booster packs’ of random troops and spells, which are traded and customized to create the strategic army of choice for each player.

SAGA can be played for free; however, the unregistered free version disables many of the features that players find most attractive in a collectible game. Using the Retail Key from unlocks trading, guilds, espionage and PvP combat.

Via GamingToday

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