FrugooScape site should be up….

[UPDATE] – We have reached out to the owner of FrugooScape about the status. Currently the site is down with a couple video links but no sign that FrugooScape is down.

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Reading up on various FrugooScape Forums, a rumor is flying around that the site will be up by 6/27. Well, it’s 1:35 pm ET and it’s currently still down. In the meantime, to quench your FrugooScape thirst I’ve provided a video done in FrugooScape fashion singing our favorite song spelled terribly wrong “Soulja Boy”. Now I understand what FrugooScape is, an annoying game that animates music videos… fantastic!

With all the funny/interesting/original articles we write, how is FrogooScape our most commented post!!?? Anyhow, enjoy the clip below you FrugooManiacs!


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448 responses to “FrugooScape site should be up….”

  1. bonezpker says:

    your waseting your time talking to him hes probly some 32 year old in his moms basement trying to get some attention

  2. sakura loves sasuke (saske460) says:

    lolz thts true

  3. i dont play i administrate runescape

  4. sakura loves sasuke (saske460) says:

    well i hope u rot in ur moms basement u so called pres of jagex

  5. bonezpker says:

    because jagex would have more important things to do instead of wasteing half an hour talking to some kids on a random paige

  6. and i bet u are some 9 years old trying to sound adult

  7. sakura loves sasuke (saske460) says:

    yeah we figured this out

  8. their are millions of jagex members on millions of chat rooms as wwe speak

  9. bonezpker says:

    really an adult who picks on kids is pathetic
    grow up u wanabe

  10. so please explain that to me

  11. sakura loves sasuke (saske460) says:

    lol sure there are

  12. well bye and please over come this addiction you have over frugooscape

  13. bonezpker says:

    lol millions haha that is just funny

  14. bonezpker says:

    lol pathetic loser thinks he owns jagex

  15. i hate jagex says:

    any1 out there

  16. ak47 says:

    where u guys find out that frugooscape is gone???

  17. ak47 says:

    jagex staff mem #1 here is a good thing to do, instead of making all thiese ppl angry u should add a (realm) in runescape. the realm could be just like frugooscape!!!

    There’s nothing wrong with that. You have a rs style and a cheating style.
    Sounds good??

  18. y is frugooscape down is it dow forever or wat

  19. i hate jagex says:

    Its jaxexs fault its the end of frugooscape as we know it and the on dec 12 2012 its the end of the world as we know its omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. i hate jagex says:

    if u have any comments of what i said there please say somthing>

  21. i hate jagex says:
  22. serognpwebh89- i13m-8u6t8945uy 93 says:


  23. jagex plz read this!!! says:

    omg im bored!!! wtf ppl!!! get frugooscape back on now god damnit!!!

  24. jagex plz read this!!! says:

    jagex if u really are jagex let us play our game or make runescxape back how it use to be with normal wild and no trade limit and armor lower in money and a easier way to make money. we dont got time to get 80 ina skill just to make 500k a day. we want good armour and weps and want to have fun wihtout the armour and weps ruinedscape is pointless and boring i mean it takes 2 hours to cut 100 mage logs at lvl 81 wc seriously thats to long it should take 20mins for 100 logs and were did my other commets go?

  25. jagex plz read this!!! says:

    is anyone on now ?

  26. jagex plz read this!!! says:


  27. jagex plz read this!!! says:

    weres frugoo? how do i get around those stupid utube vids? plz help? omfg!!! if i wanted to watch utube vids i would go to utube!!!! omg ima do something but dont know wat yet but dont worry ill figure it out!!!!!feel free tot alk dont leave me alone here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. jagex plz read this!!! says:

    noooooooooooo, anyone there? talk ppl

  29. jagex plz read this!!! says:

    hisomeone is on woot

  30. jagex plz read this!!! says:

    well i think anyway, but ive been tryin to find a way aroundthose vids but cant find any at all!!!


  31. jagex plz read this!!! says:

    ok this is really pissing me off someone better fix this or we are gonna have serious probs!!!

  32. its still gone!!!!!!!!!! wdf!!!!!!

  33. hey saskay are u on????

  34. jeasus wdf i want this frugoscape on

  35. wow frugo is stil gone..

  36. yea i am on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. serognpwebh89- i13m-8u6t8945uy 93 says:

    what the new site called to get back on the new site he made

  38. why and when r we gonna know? says:

    can u plz contact me to tell when the frugooscape is gonna be up or if there is gonna be a new website for contact ant plz tell me asap!!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Frugoo Scape sucks, that faggot claiming to be Jagex staff is a noob with no life.

  40. lumina says:

    lol we have a couple hundred ppl on here with major anger issues….
    everyone, just so u know, runescape (Jadex) is sueing frugooscape for copying it’s design. I’m not sure who will win, when it will be decided or anything like that…
    just keep ur emotions in check! some of u guys r saying stuff like “If frugooscape doesn cum back im gonna f****** kill someone” and stuf like that! who wants to hear that, really?
    I really REALLY want frugooscape back on as much as you do, but at least i dont say ill muder some1 for it! I’m kind of scared to play now, because all you weirdoes are on here!

  41. Juan Perez says:

    @ lumina, do you have a link where I can post the info on the court issues involved between Runescape and Frugooscape? I’d like to post that here.

  42. fuck face says:

    wanna go back on it!@!?!??

  43. skillz kid says:

    frugooscape is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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