FrugooScape site should be up….

[UPDATE] – We have reached out to the owner of FrugooScape about the status. Currently the site is down with a couple video links but no sign that FrugooScape is down.

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Reading up on various FrugooScape Forums, a rumor is flying around that the site will be up by 6/27. Well, it’s 1:35 pm ET and it’s currently still down. In the meantime, to quench your FrugooScape thirst I’ve provided a video done in FrugooScape fashion singing our favorite song spelled terribly wrong “Soulja Boy”. Now I understand what FrugooScape is, an annoying game that animates music videos… fantastic!

With all the funny/interesting/original articles we write, how is FrogooScape our most commented post!!?? Anyhow, enjoy the clip below you FrugooManiacs!


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