Mano-a-Mano with Filefront’s Daniel Perez, RE: A Vampyre Story

Gaming Today’s PR / Marketing Manager Daniel Perez, wrote an article almost a year ago interviewing Bill Tiller on his upcoming point and click adventure game for the PC called A Vampyre Story.  In the article, it’s mentioned the game would see an early 2008 release.  Well, were past the halfway mark in 2008 and no Vampyre Story yet.  Since Daniel interviewed Bill Tiller, we figured we’d squeeze some more info out of him.  We sent our 4 eyed, Ellio’s Pizza lover a detailed questionnaire demanding answers, and what we got were.. well.. answers.

Juan Perez: “Hola Daniel, after reading your great interview with Bill Tiller we here at would like to know “When can we see Vampyre Story?”
“Bill stated early 2008, and our index fingers can’t wait any longer to point-n-click our way through A Vampyre Story”

Daniel Perez: “You’re telling me it isn’t early 2008 any more?”

JP: “That’s right, we demand answers… if you got em”

DP: “I’m as anxious for this title as anyone else. Having such a creative mind as Bill Tiller behind it, I’m sure it will be an instant classic when it’s finally released. Unfortunately, the updates on A Vampyre Story have been very scarce. It seems after my interview with Bill Tiller, the Autumn Moon Entertainment team have gone MIA from the public eye to continue their work on A Vampyre Story”

JP: “Since we both are obviously very much into adventure games, do you see ‘A Vampyre Story’ reviving the dead adventure game industry?”

DP: “I don’t think point-n-click adventure games are dead right now. Sam & Max’s recent success was a huge part of that. The next point-n-click adventure game I forsee doing really well is the upcoming Strong Bad game for the Wii. When A Vampyre Story is finally released, that will be the game that will be the spark to let developers know it’s ok to make old-school point-n-click adventure games again”

JP: “I’ll have to try our Strong Bad before I bash it.. I mean review it.”

DP: “If you’ve ever watched a Homestar Runner cartoon, then you’ll know that Strongbad is pretty much the most funny character out of the whole crew”

JP: “Well, thanks for chatting with us, and if you have any update on ‘A Vampyre Story’, we’ll be glad to hear it. Release date prediction?”

DP: “I predict A Vampyre Story will be released in early 2008!”

JP: “Man, you PR guys kill me. Have fun at E3 you son of a.. Take Luck!”

DP: “Thanks! I’m sure you’ll see me walking around in the background of G4’s live coverage of E3, a la Jim Carrey back in the “In Living Color” days. If you see me walking around with a kite, then expect some hilarity to ensue”

JP: “Haha, loved that skit. seeya”

Well, I’ll try to keep you guys covered on this great adventure game.  I bet this interview will stir the muck of the pea soup cauldron over at FileFront’s lair!

Images Via Gaming Today… Thanks Stephany!

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4 responses to “Mano-a-Mano with Filefront’s Daniel Perez, RE: A Vampyre Story”

  1. Refugee says:

    Why do his eye’s look like Madballs?

  2. Daniel Perez says:

    I sound a lot better in text than I do speaking in a podcast. I want to completely forget my attempt to sound opinionated on our File-N-Forget podcast.

  3. Juan Perez says:

    That’s the only time I listen. To hear you stutter is unforgettable!

  4. Will Snizek says:

    @Refugee. I’m not sure, but I think they actually based Madballs on Daniel.

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