Mario’s Worst Spore Nightmare: Bowser

It seems that you can create almost anyone as a Spore. Nintendo’s Bowser is no exception. Check out Mario’s arch nemesis, King Bowser, grow his own ‘Baby Bowser’ from the ground up, literally.


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  1. Hahaha! That is awesome!

  2. Dude, “Baby Bowser’s”? Since when are apostrophes used to pluralize a word? Oh, right. Only since the Internet came along.

  3. Its spelled “internet’s”!!!!

  4. @ Dude, sorry I should have wrote “Babys’ Bowsers”

  5. “@ Dude, sorry I should have wrote “Babys’ Bowsers””

    You should have WRITTEN “Baby Bowsers”.

    “Babys'” is NEVER going be be right because the plural of baby is “babies”.

    Damn the internet annoys me. Has it made everyone thicker?

  6. Oh man, that was hilarious. I promise you were’ not all that dumb.

  7. Wow! Nice job. The Spore Creature Creator has quite a lot of possibilities.

  8. “Has it made everyone thicker?”

    What are you talking about, getting thicker? That’s unpossible.

  9. With all the interest with Spore and the natural interest of people to want to see what other people are creating, it was bound to happen. What makes special though is that all video uploads are yours and not “Spore Creature Creator Creation”, and it’s created mainly for the Spore community. Check it out!

  10. thanks for the link. Interesting site.

  11. that’s fantastic!
    my first ? is how did you get all the stuff on them? I would have though that halfway through you would have maxed out your accessories. guess not though, great job!

  12. Can you not get a decent green on the creature creator colour pallet then or is bowser just jaundiced?

    All joking aside though that’s pretty impresive, can’t wait to have a play with the full version of spore.

  13. Haha! thats pretty funny 🙂

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