Old School Sundays: Return To Zork


Return to Zork is one of those special OSS pieces that brings great memories to any point-and-click adventure game enthusiast. This was the first time in the Zork series that they moved away from the text parser to a clickable mouse interface. RTZ also starred a number of celebrities and for that era the graphics were among the best for a 1993 DOS video game.

The story begins with you as a sweepstakes winner on an all paid vacation to the Valley of the Vultures, in Zork. You are first greeted by a wizard in a crystal ball. During you conversation your asked to retrieve a battery for the wizard. The Crystal ball disappears and your quest begins…

You first notice a sign to the right of the road. The sign reads “Valley of The Vultures”. What’s interesting, is the vulture poached on top of the sign. You avoid confrontation by throwing a rock at the bird scarring him off. You then dig up the bonding plant located at the base of the sign and head down towards the lighthouse.

Upon arriving at the lighthouse, you notice a security slot in the door. You peer in and speak to a strange man. He’s a nervous fellow, but you convince him to let you inside. Once inside you make your way up the lighthouse steps only to find yourself back outside, standing near a river. You make yourself a raft out of broken boards of wood and vine and float down the river into town.

I’ve posted a youtube video from one of the best scenes in RTZ. It’s Boos Miller!

“Want some rye? Course ya do”

Great characters/celebrities within the game are what truly made this an instant classic. Among the actors who appeared in the game were a number of instantly recognizable (by face, if not necessarily by name) character actors as well as a number of well-known younger actors: Robyn Lively of Twin Peaks as “The Fairy”, Jason Hervey of The Wonder Years as “The Troll King”, and Sam J. Jones from the 1980 film Flash Gordon as “The Blind Bowman”. Also, A.J. Langer of My So-Called Life as fellow Zork explorer Rebecca Snoot whom the player encounters on several occasions. You’ll see many of them in the slideshow below.


Listed below are the rest of the characters from Zork.

Charles Carpenter … Guardian / Orc Guard
Michelle Dahlin … Witch Itah
Matthew Grimaldi … Cliff Robberson
Edan Gross … Waif
Jason Hervey … Troll King / Trolls
Michael Johnson … Rooper / Morphius
Sam J. Jones … Blind Bowman
A.J. Langer … Rebecca Snoot
Deena Langer … Ms. Mavis Peepers
Elaine Lively … Molly Moodock
Ernie Lively … Moadikum Moodock
Jason Lively … Ben Fyshin
Lori Lively … Singing Tree
Robyn Lively … Fairy
Howard Mann … Lighthouse Keeper
Jo Marr … Canuk (as Jojo Marr)
Will McAllister … Trembyle
Raoul N. Rizik … Mayor
Harold Smith … Boos Myller
Peter Sprague … Pugney
Michael Stadvec … Blacksmith
Julie St. Claire … Holy Woman
Leonardo Surdo … Dwarven General
Nino Surdo … Dwarven Leader

Hope you enjoyed reading about this classic PC adventure game, Return to Zork. Enjoy your Old School Sunday!

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  1. Gonzalo says:

    This game really was ahead of its time. You really felt as if you were part of the Zork world, because of the excellent storyline and familiar actors. I believe it is still fun to play today, everyone should take a shot and see how addictive this game can be. There are lines that my brothers and I still use to this day and it brings us back to these times. Excellent OSS!

  2. Lively says:

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