Play All your Favorite NES Games on VirtualNES

There is no secret that the NES is one of the most successful gaming consoles EVER made. Just because you don’t have Nintendo Cartridges to blow into and carefully put it into your NES to play Zelda doesn’t mean you can’t. Well my followers, put down that Nestle Quik and comb your head because the NES will come to YOU! One of our favorite sites to play all those classic NES games is VirtualNES.

Why not hop on over and check out their list of games, only problem is there is no controller and the keyboard can be cumbersome. It’ll remind you of you past and those games you wish you never traded.


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2 responses to “Play All your Favorite NES Games on VirtualNES”

  1. mzitt11 says:

    All I have to say is whoo hooo!!!!

  2. Juan Perez says:

    Yeah, I’d love it even more if they allowed you to hook up a usb controller.

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