Star Wars Day: “Little Ani, is that You?” Watto Spore

Joining the Star Wars Spore Galaxy, comes our favorite slave owner Watto!

We’d like to welcome all our new fans today, (and old fans) to Today we have a special day lined up for ya. In coinciding with today’s release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Unleashed’ we present to you this. Today, Tuesday September 16th is our Official “Star Wars Day”. More than any other day, we will throw at you every possible piece of Star Wars picture, videos, games, and crap we can throw. So visit often today, because you’ll never know what you’ll see!

Spores are still a hot topic this week, so what better to introduce “Star Wars Day” than to feature my favorite SW character, Watto! Jedi-Mind tricks didn’t phase this guy. His demise was of course gambling, but he should have know that Qui-gon force-rolled those dice…

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