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GTA IV and The Lost And The Damned, Play Online For Free


Thanks to the wonderful folks at Microsoft, those who own a copy of “Grand theft Auto 4″ or “The Lost and Damned” can play online for free, no matter which account you have.  This may only effect a small amount of you who do not have a Gold Account, so all you frugal Silver Account …

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Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 Coming in March


Well it’s about time.  Yeah I know, it’s only been 3 months but do you know what that’s like for a Call of Duty Fanatic who plays every day?  Neither do I ;)  But here are the details we currently know about the upcoming Map Pack 1 in March. Title: Call of Duty: World at …

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Dead Rising 2 Officially Confirmed by Capcom


You remember the first Dead Rising don’t cha?  No?  Ok, if you’ve seen Dawn of the Dead, you might recall the mall scene where zombies were trying to eat there brains?  No?  Jeez, what HAVE you seen lately?  Friday the 13th?  Well, ok now we’re getting some where.  Capcom has announced that Dead Rising 2 …

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Buy GTAIV: Lost and Damned DLC, Get 3 Months Xbox Live Free


Here’s a great deal for you anxious Grand Theft Auto 4 gamers looking forward to GTAIV: The Lost and The Damned.  Amazon is offering a 3 Free months XBL Gold Card when you purchase GTAIV: The Lost and The Damned. source

New York Comic Con 2009 Pt. 1


So day 2 of Comic Con is over and what did I see?  I had hands-on with many of the upcoming games, so check out which games I absolutely loved and which one’s were “meh”. I began my afternoon meeting up with a couple of the PR and Producers for Grand Theft Auto: China Town …

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