Will For Honor Have Faction War Player Captains? Ubisoft Speaks

Faction War will be a metagame that is part of the overall multiplayer experience in For Honor. Ubisoft wants this to be an experience that brings players together on all platforms, so they can then battle all players no matter the platform they play For Honor on. Unity through division is how I look…

Why Yooka-Laylee Costs $39.99 Instead Of $59.99

It is funny what topics end up becoming a focus for gamers leading up to its launch. Sometimes the focus can be geared toward its length, while other times it can be aimed at its look. For Yooka-Laylee, neither of those are an issue as the game approaches its April release date….

Ubisoft Announces Ghost Recon Wildlands Live Action Video Starring T.I.

Games continuously blur the lines between film and interactive entertainment. Whether it is interactive, reactive storytelling or it is creating a spin-off live-action trailer, gaming does it well. Last year, Ubisoft created a series of videos for Tom Clancy’s The Division. These episodes gave insight into the world of The Division and served as…