Why Mass Effect Andromeda Took Five Years To Create

Any of the three Mass Effect games that have been released are absolutely massive. They are experiences with so much depth and life that it is understandable to hear a new one has taken a while to release. For BioWare, creating Mass Effect Andromeda has meant a lot of changes along the way….

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10-Hour PSN Maintenance Scheduled for February 26, 2017

Update: Sony has removed all mention of the maintenance from their PSN Status Page. We’ll let you know if they announce a new date. Original Story: In a new update on the PlayStation Network Status Page, Sony has announced that the PSN will be undergoing 10.5 hours of maintenance beginning at…

Review: For Honor – A Multiplayer Marvel

Every so often a new multiplayer experience comes along and shakes up the online universe. Ubisoft is a company that has made several innovative, if not ground-breaking, multiplayer experiences. The company recently put considerable time and effort into bringing yet another new type of multiplayer to gamers. Ubisoft Montreal has…