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PS4 Games to Get in the August 2017 PSN Flash Sale

PlayStation 4 owners can now take advantage of a fantastic promotion that Sony is currently doing. The August 2017 PSN Flash Sale features a dozens of games, from indie hits to AAA titles, that are significantly lower in price than they normally are. Some games are over 70% off, and…

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Security Experts Chime in on the OurMine PlayStation Hack

Recently, we reported on the recent social media (and potential PSN database) PlayStation hack that OurMine orchestrated. Since our forte is video games, not web security and hacking, we managed to get some analysis on the 2017 PlayStation hack from some experts. We spoke to Alex Heid, the Chief Research…

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PS4 Owners Report Being Unable to Appear Online After Update 4.72

Following the release of PlayStation 4 update 4.72 yesterday, players began reporting an issue where they’d appear offline on the PlayStation Network, despite being logged in. “When I last slept my PS4 I was appearing offline, now no matter what I change my status to, Online or Appear Offline, I remain…