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Japan’s Economic Stimulus and How Mcdonald’s Is Cashing In!


Hey perezstart! Edit your profile Logout Your Profile Page Your News Items Your Comments Your Puchi Blurbs Your Site Directory Thought we were the only ones suffering economically? Well, you thought wrong my friends, Japan is getting hit hard as well. The Japanese government has been giving out money to all citizens and even foreigners. …

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Two Very Stange WiiWare Titles Out: Bang Bang Kids & Muscle March!


The first video game for WiiWare up is Bang Bang Kids despite the perverted name it seems like a very cute game. It seems to be a mix of Super Mario World and Halo. Hudson’s Bang Bang Kids has water guns instead of actual guns!  There is a huge variety of guns to choose from, …

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Say I do With The Wedding Countdown Bra With Ring Insert!


Already proposed to your little lady have you? Why not make the experience more fun with a Wedding Countdown Bra! Yup, you heard me right the Japanese have done it again! They have invented a brassiere that has a digital display that shows the remaining days until you get married. They even have a little slot …

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Tonight @ 9pm NYC: Happyfunsmile J-POP Group Perform a FREE Show!


Bored on a hump day? Why not try a free J-Pop show on for size! Happyfunsmile performs  an interesting blend of okinawan pop, electric folk songs (ultraminyo), supersweet ballads (enka), festival rhythms and obon beats. They use almost ever instrument possible like the use of the chindon, sanshin, accordion, saxophone, bass, percussion, and keys. They …

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Japanese Idol Aki Kawamura! Gorgeous Face and Body


The beautiful, Aki Kawamura was born October 15, 1980. She later debuted in 1999 with the Yellow Cab Talent Agency. She then became a popular bikini and TV Idol model. She is  only 5’2 and measures, B:86 W:58 H:83. Do not ask me to change that to inches when the  rest of the world uses …

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