Otaku: Tour of Tokyo’s Geek Paradise

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If I had to name a single country as “Geek Paradise”, it would definitely be Japan.  The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that’s basically a quick tour of Akihabara, a neighborhood we should all want to visit.  If you are interested in Otaku related things such as figurines, weapons, electronics, maid cafes and more, definitely check out the article link below!

Akihabara, a neighborhood in eastern Tokyo best known as a gadget mecca, has become the epicenter of geek pop culture, where otaku (geeks) shop for Japanese animation paraphernalia and frequent cafes staffed by girls in maid costumes.

A Tour of Tokyo’s Geek Paradise

pixel Otaku: Tour of Tokyo’s Geek Paradise


  1. babylinda

    Akihabara is BB & I’s first stop when we visit Japan no doubt, I am really going to try to make that our Honeymoon. :)

  2. Kezins

    That would be awesome. I’d love to spend a week in Japan. Maybe in the future when I have some more money.

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