Review: LIMBO

Limbo review

LIMBO is the first game released on this year’s Summer of Arcade on the 360. Hyped for its interesting black and white graphic layout and side scrolling puzzle design but what’s the verdict? Well, I can honestly say it is very unique in its style and enjoyable to play but there are some flaws.

Let us start with the basic story. There isn’t one but per se. It’s not until you complete the game do you find what you are truly searching for, which I won’t spoil. The game plants you in an area, lets go of your hand, and says “beat me if you can”. There’s a lot of trial and error by death (some of which are funny) and some puzzles are relentless. While not overly difficult, there are a few puzzles and moments in the game that really make you think and can frustrate you. One puzzle involved a mine cart on an angled track, an electric floor, and some fast timed jumping; I’m sure my controller got tossed atleast once.

Graphically, there isn’t much at first glance but go beyond the black and white design and you’ll find more depth. For a “basic” looking game, you don’t even realize it while you’re swept up in gameplay. Each area/chapter, though isn’t full of vibrate colors, has a unique distinction and you can literally paint the world in your mind. For example, take the large spider in the game. Even though you don’t see it, aside from its black outline, you still get a sense of creepiness and fear when it moves and chases you. Big ugly bastard it is.

Limbo review

As much as I enjoyed the game, there are some flaws that I need to pick out. First, I would have liked some type of story or background information. As I said before, you start press to play and that’s it, you’re in the game. Much like how Braid starts but Braid gives you some insight as you progress where as LIMBO doesn’t give you anything. Even when beaten there’s still a void that isn’t fully filled and wanting something more. Second, I’m finding it hard to find some replayability. Aside to get that last achievement, I just don’t see another reason to play it again. Third and final is the price. It is 1200 Microsoft Point or $15 (US) which seems a bit steep for a game that can be beaten a few hours time with little to no replayability.

Overall, LIMBO is a great little downloadable game. I enjoyed playing it but sadly, not sure how many times I’ll go back to do so. My final verdict would be to play this game but best wait for one of those catchy “inventory” sales and catch this game at a discounted price.


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