Bungie.net: Site Relaunches Countdown [Updated]

Set to expire around 10:06 AM EDT, Bungie.net will reveal their latest game.

For the past couple of days, it seems that the folks over at Bungie.net have been teasing us all with this countdown. At one point, they removed it. So I happened to type in Bungie.net on my PC and, what do I see? The Countdown is back up and running. And better yet, I’m early to the dance. It’s set to ‘launch’ at 10:06 AM EDT.

[UPDATE: Bungie just posted the following trailer on their site. It looks like it’s simply a trailer related to the Halo 3 expansion. While this may not be exciting to some gamers, Halo fanatics will certainly be purchasing the DLC as soon as it hits the marketplace.]

Speaking to GAMER.tm, an industry insider has confirmed that Microsoft is due to hold an event in Europe next week, where Bungie is due to take the wraps off its next game – the first title the studio has developed since splitting from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, our source – who obtained this information directly from Microsoft – was unable to confirm what that game will be. As such, it’s unknown whether the new title will be Halo 4, or indeed whether it will be related to the Halo universe in any way, shape or form.

Our source also revealed that Rare may be set to announce a new game as well.

Hop on over to Bungie.net around 10:05AM EDT, to be the first to find out what game will be announced. My bet is, it will be another countdown banner…

Via Gamer.tm


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