Expired: ‘Call of Duty: World At War’ Beta Key Giveaway

Kezins.com is offering away “A” COD5 Beta Key for the Xbox 360 to one of our “helpful” readers.

UPDATE: Winner has been emailed.  I’d like to thank those that gave us suggestions and I have a great memory, so I’ll make note of those that participated and will be more sensitive next giveaway

Winning suggestion goes to our reader Dave:

“- Open up a forum
– Remove the un necessary clutter of Archives and Categories and add a “Archives” and “News” to the taskbar with player reviews.
– Add a main section for perezstart.com that gives the option to navigate to certain areas.
– Allow people to register.
– Get a Banner or a new symbol.
– Instead of having icons for reviews, have sections and just the name of game.”

We’re giving away one key, but hey it’s better than NOT giving away one.  Our rules are simple, suggest an idea that would make our site “more complete”, and you win.  Winner will be announced on Friday, so you can enjoy a nice long weekend of Call of Duty: World at War… watch out for those damn dogs!

Drop a suggestion in our “comments” section… win the key.

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