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  3. mpm

    i want a beta key to CoD 5

  4. mpm

    my xbox360 name is IISFDK ONEII94 and my real name is philip

  5. bastiaan

    please can i have a key ?

  6. atxoutlaw

    I think u should make ur site layout more like ign and put blades

  7. Iliad Force

    I would move “recent posts” to a more prominent position.

  8. Quiverjones

    I think you should open a forum. A lot of useful information would be provided, and people would post it for free. Forum’s answer questions many people do google searches for. Your “hits” would definately rise up.

  9. DeMiZe

    I would definitely add a forum like Quiverjones said. It is definitely one of the best things you can do for a website. Also adding a shoutbox would be nice. I personally would do more graphically. Not trying to be mean or anything, but the site looks pretty dull. Spice it up with some banners, game headers, etc. It would be better than looking at 2 colors only.

  10. Juan Perez

    Some great ideas mentioned so far…

  11. Jonathan

    Well u could re-organize the menu and give the website
    a different appereance make things easier to find
    i kinda tend to get confused most the time

  12. Dave

    Here is some advice:

    – Open up a forum

    – Remove the un necessary clutter of Archives and Categories and add a “Archives” and “News” to the taskbar with player reviews.

    – Add a main section for perezstart.com that gives the option to navigate to certain areas.

    – Allow people to register.

    – Get a Banner or a new symbol.

    – Instead of having icons for reviews, have sections and just the name of game.

  13. Shane

    i dont think the website needs much improvement but i guess having more pictures and a little more organization wouldnt hurt :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    I love your website=)
    =) =) =) =)

  14. connor

    i think you guys should simply make the layout have more of a constant following affect much like myspace where if you scroll down, the background layout fallows your scroll, possibly a general pic that explains your site instead of adds and a vague blue background, because it doesnt look like a site to be trusted. so just make it more pleasing to the naked eye :P something that says welcome, i love you

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