Expired: ‘Call of Duty: World at War’ Xbox 360 Beta Keys

Currently running, Gamekult.com is giving away 20,000 beta keys for Call of Duty: World at War.  Hurry up and snatch one up before they’re all gone.

UPDATE: Check out our latest post, we’re giving away “A” COD5 Beta Key

Update Alt. Site: Eurogamer giving away 20,000 Beta keys

Expired: Ok, as of this writing there are about 10,000 “0” keys left so they’re going pretty fast.  Read the instructions below to help the fill out process since the site is in French.  For some reason their calling it COD5, tsk tsk!

The site is in French, but it’s fairly straightforward.

Go here http://www.gamekult.com/tout/betacod5.html
1. You just need to fill out the first couple fields and last three:

Nom (Name)
Prénom (Surname)

You can skip the middle section labeled “Communauté”.

Fill out the following:

Adresse email (Email Address)
Vérification email (Repeat Email Address)
Date de naissance (Date of Birth)

2. Click the confirmation button.

3. Check your email and click the link inside to confirm your email address. You have to do this in order to be registered.

4. You’re in!

The confirmation page roughly translates to “Welcome to the enrollment program to play the beta test for Call of Duty: World at War, in multiplayer mode on Xbox Live.

You are registered to receive a key to the beta of Call of Duty World At War on Xbox Live.”

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Done and done.

    You’re getting good at hunting those beta keys
    down, Mr. “Beta Key Hunter.”

  2. Oh, and does anything on there roughly translate to

  3. Uh I haven’t got an email yet how long is it supposed to take?

  4. @ cod:waw : instant, enter in another email address. it might consider it spam on some mail servers.

  5. took about 2 minutes when I tested it

  6. dosent work here 🙁

  7. yeah they are all gone.. it didn’t take long at all for all slots to be taken.

  8. So I got the email and once you confirm and are registered do they send you a code later on?

  9. yes, within 48 hours

  10. ok, thanks

  11. i didnt get a code yet signed up 5 days ago

  12. hmm.. I have heard that from a couple people. I got my code about 24 hours after signing up. Perhaps they ran out by the time you submitted…

  13. Zach, I might have some good news tomorrow concerning COD5 Beta keys….

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