COD4 Double XP Weekend Sept 12 – Sept 14

For the simple yet perplexed Microsoft point system, the Variety Map packs will be 50% off for 400 Points.

Call of Duty 4 in my opinion is ‘Top 5 FPS’ game to date, so when I hear those 3 words “Double XP Weekend”, there’s no reason to pop in the disc and rank up. But this week, X60 fans are getting their dosage of Double XP a week before the PS3 folks.  Call of Duty 4’s new maps will also be on sale though XBox Live for 400 Microsoft points. That’s not all, InfinityWard has been able to work it out to get the Prestige Gamer pic pack back on the marketplace for download for all those who missed out on it’s limited offering during our last LIVE fire weekend.
Members of Infinity Ward will also be online between Noon to 4pm PDT (3pm to 7pm EDT) on Saturday, September 13 to play with fans. While online, players should be sure to add the following Infinity Ward gamertags to their friends list:


Note: PS3 COD4 fans will get their “Double XP Weekend” next week Sept 19th

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