E3 News: FINAL FANTASY XIII coming to Xbox 360!!!

Wow, in a turn of events, Yoichi Wada from Square Enix has just announced that FINAL FANTASY XIII is no longer an exclusive title. It will now join the ranks of a Cross-platform release on the PS3 and Xbox 360!

Let the fanboy battles begin. With this annoucement exclusivety is a thing of the past. What’s next Grand Theft Auto 4… WTF!

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  1. i believe the attach rate will be higher for ps3 ok we made
    a trade FF13 for bioshock and bioshock will be better on ps3
    i understand the installed base is bigger for 36o and developers are all abobout making money but what is microsoft going to do when so called exclusives are too big to fit on thier 9 gig dvd cant win the console war with last gen specs so m$ better rethink thier new console so what do you do when you cant steal exclusives from other companies anymore and believe me they needed FF13 thier game line up
    has fallen off

  2. I agree Mich, but FFXII is a devastating blow to Sony. I’ve always questioned the dvd9 discs and thought HD DVD was their way out, but we all know how that failed.

    Sony’s Press Conference tomorrow will be one to watch. Let’s see what the steal.. erm.. announce.

  3. BioShock actually is definitely better on the PS3, but I was really over the game a long time ago. I think this news is a huge blow to Sony. I know several people who would have purchased a PS3 just for FFXIII..now they will be inclined to save the money at play it on their 360s.

  4. Final Fantasy VII Expert August 5, 2008 @ 12:51 pm

    i cant beleive that its coming out on 360 i realy cant nearly all final fantasys have come out on ps only or at the very lest first this is bull…

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