Expired: Eurogamer Giving away 20,000 COD5 Beta Key’s

Going on now, if you hop on over to Eurogamer you’ll receive a Call of Duty: World at War Beta key for the Xbox 360.

All you have to do to claim your key, assuming you’ve paused and taken the time to read this text anyway (very kind), is register for a Eurogamers account if you haven’t already and then hit the button you should see below. Assuming there are any keys left – and we did get loads – you should be fine. We’ll see you at the front. Mind your manners.

To be eligible to receive your free key, you need to Register an account with Eurogamer, and be logged in.

Expired: 9,000 Keys left as of 1:00pm EDT No mo keys!

UPDATE: Check out our latest post, we’re giving away “A” COD5 Beta Key

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Readers Comments (21)

  1. 😀 i would like to have a key

  2. i also like a key.

  3. when can you get a key

  4. i do not now what time you can get a key do you pleas tell

  5. hallo are der some one

  6. I don’t know what you’re asking…

  7. I would like to have a key Pleace

  8. id like a key please! id be si=o greatful if i got a key im the biggest cod fan!!

  9. I need a key please!!

  10. i would like to get a key

  11. i would to like key

  12. please i tried like 5 times and i didnt get the key. ive spent lot of time for this key :(, please dont let me do this for the 6th time ! please !

  13. i would love a beta code please if u could get me one that would be great thanks

  14. I would like to receive a beta key please if u can give me one 😀

  15. Go to Game.co.uk and pre order the game they then send you a beta key thats how I got mine 😉

  16. i would love a free key if there is 1 going….shottadon@msn.com

  17. please i would love to get one of the codes

  18. i have reserved the game and registered at the website but still no code i would lik one


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