21 responses to “Expired: Eurogamer Giving away 20,000 COD5 Beta Key’s”

  1. Bart Pasmans

    :D i would like to have a key

  2. punk

    me too

  3. sneakybros

    I also like a key.

  4. mpm

    i also like a key.

  5. mpm

    when can you get a key

  6. mpm

    i do not now what time you can get a key do you pleas tell

  7. mpm

    hallo are der some one

  8. Juan Perez

    I don’t know what you’re asking…

  9. cyriz

    I would like to have a key Pleace

  10. Corey

    id like a key please! id be si=o greatful if i got a key im the biggest cod fan!!

  11. Kenn

    I need a key please!!

  12. mpm

    i would like to get a key


    i would to like key

  14. MoessieHolland

    please i tried like 5 times and i didnt get the key. ive spent lot of time for this key :(, please dont let me do this for the 6th time ! please !

  15. whoop1

    i would love a beta code please if u could get me one that would be great thanks

  16. Devastator

    I would like to receive a beta key please if u can give me one :D

  17. Ady

    Go to Game.co.uk and pre order the game they then send you a beta key thats how I got mine ;-)

  18. papa biggz

    i would love a free key if there is 1 going….shottadon@msn.com

  19. German in need

    please i would love to get one of the codes

  20. complexity

    i have reserved the game and registered at the website but still no code i would lik one

  21. somewhat


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