Left4Dead Chick Zoey Has 15 Fingers @#$%?

Grand Theft Auto 4 accidentally left one of their characters with 6 fingers. Zoey’s 15 fingers is more of an obvious fault on Valve’s part.

Recently, Valve was running a contest named, “Dude, where’s my thumb?” and the objective was to come up with a clever picture in front of their well recognized poster. Well, it seems that since they were soo busy worrying about that poster, they did not catch the error with the released poster below. In it, you’ll notice Zoey holding a pistol with 15 fingers or 3 hands whichever floats your boat. Why? Because the proofreader was drinking some ovaltine, shooting off his red ryder and decoding stuff.

Left 4 Dead (360) $59.99 or PC $49.99

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