Nerd Alert: Halo Kid – The New “Star Wars Kid”

You remember that “Star Wars Kid” video where he takes broom sticks and pretends they’re lightsabers?  Well, another dorky kid takes Halo Origami to heart.  Check out this hysterically made video using Halo props.  My favorite parts are 0:43 (the sock slip), and of course the blue and yellow Warthog.  Instant Classics!

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. If this kid buys a black trench coat and starts going goth, you better call the cops!!!

  2. McLovin gone Halo!

  3. Loved the tea-bag. And someone should make sure that the guys at Bungie get this kid the much-sought-after RECON ARMOUR PERMUTATION.

  4. you got a problem with McLovin Juan?

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