7 responses to “Xbox LIVE is back up and running!”

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    […] Xbox LIVE is back up and running! […]

  2. Will Snizek

    Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t love Castle Crashers?

  3. Josh

    I thought it was average. Brawlers just aren’t my type of game.

  4. sandra

    my xbox live isn’t up yet :[

  5. Will Snizek

    really? it should be

  6. somewhat

    Mine f-ed up in the middle of a game. Called 1-800-4my-xbox, and the mesaage before any help said they were aware that people are unable to sign in. Right in the middle of driving Nukeproof in a hog on Standoff. We were owning damnit ! Black screen and no more live mid-fishtail !!!!!1!!

  7. Will Snizek

    man.. this is unacceptable. bastards. I guess I’ll write up a new post on this

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