8 responses to “Xbox Live is currently down, Did you forget?”

  1. mitch(the dumbass who forgot)

    yes…i forgot about xbox going down…and yes i spent many hours trying to figure out wat was wrong with my xbox…its times like these you need minties…random

  2. Will Snizek

    lol.. I can’t blame you. XBL does have a history of going down for no reason at all.

  3. Brandon

    THE WHOLE DAY!?!?!? Noooooo Θ_Θ

  4. Will Snizek

    what kind of sucks is that I can’t play my favorite XBLA games today. Whenever I am offline, I can only play games I purchased with my current console. This is one aspect of XBL that is really starting to piss me off. Microsoft claimed they were fixing it last year, but still nothing..

    It’s not my fault that my original 360 POS bricked on me, but now I only have access to numerous games I have purchased when I am online. I tend to wonder if this is even legal on their part, but who knows.

  5. Will Snizek

    no one ever claimed Microsoft was quality though. :)

    It’s a real shame the 360 has the best games. If they didn’t, I’d probably play the PS3 more often.

  6. Carlos Macias

    Yeah, the whole “games working properly only
    when you’re online” thing sucks.

    I was playing Rock Band 2 the other day and
    at least half the songs I wanted to play didn’t
    work because I didn’t have the console con-

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  8. sam

    if you cant play downloads while offline because of a console change you will need to transfer your licences.. lookup license tranfer on xbox.com

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