Xbox Live is currently down, Did you forget?

[UPDATE] Microsoft is doing some Fall cleanup today thus bringing down Xbox Live for the entire day, ouch!

Beginning today Monday, September 29th, 12:01 am to 11:59 pm PST Xbox Live will be down.  Microsoft is expected to clean up, but my guess is they’re testing “something” set to arrive later this Fall.  Nevertheless, don’t expect Microsoft’s New Fall Dashboard Update to happen!… at least we’re pretty sure it won’t happen.  So, it looks like ‘offline gaming’ will have to be an alternate solution.

Hmm, if you think about it.  Look at all the breakdowns for Xbox Live’s downtime.

– 1440 minutes
– 3 square meals
– the time will ready 3:00 twice
– 86 400 seconds
– Groundhog Day: The Movie

As you ponder on other “Daily” facts, it will be Tuesday. And what will you see on Tuesday?  The same stuff you saw on Sunday.. “Absolutely nothing. You Lose. Good Day Sir”

[UPDATE] According to Major Nelson, “The Live maintenace is taking longer than expected.” So you still can’t access Live or the My Xbox bit of, or post on the forums. Major Nelson is promising to update us on the situation at 0200 hours Pacific Standard Time, or 10 o’clock in the old money. updated 5:00am EDT

[UPDATE 2] It’s back up and running and… AND… it looks the same!

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