1vs100 Bringing Xbox LIVE Silver Members Into The Fun This Weekend

1vs100 Xbox LIVE Silver Weekend

It looks like the Xbox LIVE Silver Member lovin’ train just keeps on rolling.  A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced a limited-time offer for Silver Members to upgrade to gold for a month for $1.  Today, Microsoft has announced Silver Members will be given a sneak peek at 1vs100 this weekend starting Friday and ending on Sunday.

If you’ve never played 1vs100, let just say that it’s seriously addictive.  First of all, it’s a free game that’s supported by in-game ads.  Second, it’s very hard to stop playing, unless your brain craps out from the constant draining of trivia knowledge.  And lastly, players who participate can win real prizes such as Microsoft Points or an Xbox LIVE game.

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  1. aaron says:

    I live xbox game 1 vs 100

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