64,000 Years Of Halo 3 Have Been Played! Take that Gears of War!

Trust me guys, I do not doubt it! I have no clue how many hours of Halo 3, I have played for that matter but I know I provided a good chunk of those hours and I feel proud. You know the same sense of pride you get when the president you voted for gets elected. Unlike Gears of War there is something about Halo in general that no other shooting game can ever compare in my eyes. Maybe it is the fantasy like worlds , the awesome vehicles or the fact that I can play in a pink costume.

Mostly though it has to be the ass kicking I would give my friends night after night. Someone also commented that the World of Warcraft game play is around 750,00 years , you won this round Wow! Just give us a little more time and I am sure Halo 3 will obliterate that! Though Wow is pretty dang addictive!

The billionth game of Halo 3 was played last Saturday. Bungie then calculated the play time of every online match – not counting custom maps – and it reaches 2,023,153,340,764 seconds, which equals out to roughly 64,000 years. To further drive home the point of how huge of a number that is, they mentioned that 64,000 years ago neanderthal walked the Earth and modern man hadn’t yet set foot in Asia.


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