Beyonce Plays Video Games! Girl, Your Sexy-O-Meter Has Skyrocketed!


I have adored Beyonce ever since Destiny’s Child! She is truly always sexy and never slutty like other female artists out there. She is a strong confident woman, and amazing singer and role model! She is so sexy and lovable that Jay-Z, who claimed he had 99 problems but a b*tch was not one, married her! Well now I have even more respect for this voluptuous beauty! She is a gamer, she plays games like Guitar Hero, Super Mario Bros. and even Tetris! Below is the interview she had with Entertainment Weekly this past Wednesday! She just shot an ad for Rythm Heaven, a musical game for the DS! Oh, man I am sure many a geek is going to love her more than they do already! Beyonce run for the hills!

Beyonce is already famous around the world as a singer-actress, but maybe it’s time to add another word to her hyphenated title: gamer. I caught up with Beyonce recently on the set of a TV ad she was taping for the new Nintendo DSi game Rhythm Heaven (in stores April 5) and heard all about her favorite videogames. Read on for our exclusive Q&A.

EW: You just shot a TV ad for Rhythm Heaven, in which players tap a screen with a stylus in time with music. Have you been having fun?
I have been having a great time. I’ve been rehearsing for my [upcoming] tour in stilettos and uncomfortable corsets, learning all these arrangements. Today I was playing the game with my socks on, on the couch, and it was very relaxing!

What are some of your other favorite videogames?
I like all the Wii games. Love Guitar Hero. This reminds me a little bit of a portable Guitar Hero, which is great, because I don’t want to carry around a big guitar! Growing up, I liked Tetris. I even like BrickBreaker on the BlackBerry.

Are you better at Guitar Hero or actual guitar?
Guitar Hero! At one point I was learning to play guitar, maybe 10 years ago. I wrote “Dangerously in Love” on the guitar. I’m very upset with myself for stopping.

Would you ever consider creating your own Beyonce version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, like other artists have?
Definitely. I would love to imagine people playing to my songs. I’ve actually played some karaoke games with the old Destiny’s Child songs. It’s so funny, because I don’t get great scores. I’m like, “How is that possible?!” [Laughs]

What was the first game system you had when you were growing up?
A Nintendo. I would play Super Mario Bros. We weren’t supposed to play it after 9 o’clock, and I would sneak and play all night. I loved it.

When do you do most of your gaming?
I am very busy, but I always have time sitting around sets and on tour buses and planes. Usually I use that time to do approvals and other things, but sometimes it’s necessary to take your mind away from all of that. So I make time.



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