16 responses to “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ‘Resurgence Pack’, Coming June 3rd”

  1. Lt. Aldo Rain

    Why not butt fuck the 360 users? PC is the God of gaming give it to them first. I would love to see a xbox 360 handle crysis on the highest settings

  2. xXI Jenkins IXx

    As a 360 gamer, i wasn’t as much worried about the map packs when i first got the game…i was worried about my gameplay experiance. I own both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and know many players on both system, but i feel that there is more of a competitive feel on the 360. Now, im not knocking PS3 gamers because i know a few that can really handle there weight in a PSN MW2 multiplayer lobby, but there just seems to be more of a threat when i play in a Xbox Live lobby. Many may just say im a fanboy, but if Microsoft wants to spoil us rotten…then i don’t mind. Also, for everyone who purchased the Stimulus Pack on the 360 on the first day, Microsoft gave us 7 days of Xbox Live gold as a free gift.

    Also, i believe that we got the Stimulus Pack for 35 days as an exclusive…so it may be the same for this one as well.

  3. Austin

    I think it is complete BS that the 360 gets the maps a month a head of the PS3 and that there may be exclusive ones for the 360. No. it’ll no make me sell my PS3 for a 360. That’s just retarded.
    But however I do find it unfair and would like to know Infinity Ward’s reasoning behind the fact of the 360 getting it early.

  4. xXI Jenkins IXx

    I believe Microsoft pays for the exclusiveness of the maps. They think it’ll boost the sales of the 360 by kinda bribing people who want MW2 with early map packs.

  5. Trevor

    i have both 360 and ps3 and at first i didnt mind because its not like i get them later because i have both but i play with my ps3 friends a lot more when it comes to call of duty and i really had no one fun to experience the new maps with, plus i know at least 10 people on ps3 who sold thier mw2 games because they were sick of the BS. also its kind of pathetic microsoft has to pay them for the maps early are they really that scared that ps3 will take all thier users, also with all the money the ps3 is making now they should pay activision so come on make it fair.

  6. Trevor

    P.S. im starting to hate xbox alot more cuz they suspended my account for no apparent reason and i needed to make another one.

  7. Jesse

    PS3 Owner here. So is the double xp weekends May 28th and June 4th just for xbox live? I could care less about the wait on the maps, I want the XP.

  8. garrett

    its because microsoft pays activision to do so

  9. Cesar

    I got my 360 as a gift and never had played the cod games till i got the 360 and the ps systems didnt have a similar game to the cod games but then they made mw2 and well i think ps3 gamers are lucky to even get to play cod.. its just business and if they dont like it then boo hoo.. i like GOW(god of war) but they dont have it for the 360 but im not butt hurt so ps3 gamers should stop crying and suck it up.. lol

  10. bob

    I feel that Xbox deserves to get it first because we acually pay for oun online play so suck it

  11. Brett


    Shut up u american mug. You dont pay 4 online. Btw what am i supposed 2 suck, your mum says theres nothing there

  12. Ps3...

    you gotta play for everything that the ps3 already has
    eg. cooling system, wireless, online etc

  13. Johnny

    @Austin agreed thats pretty fucking re-tarted that the xbox boys get it first and we stuck waiting forever for the dam maps. for that i will buy the new medal of honor but not the new call of duty thats coming out!

  14. Johnny


    agreed activision is making tons of money they shouldn’t be screwing over there customers like that. cuz they are doing this i plan on getting the new medal of honor but not the new call of duty. take that activision!!!!! lol

  15. COOK

    ive got both xbox and ps3 and ps3 is by far better, xbox is full of a bunch of geeks who just want to suck off bill gates. i personally dont really mind waiting a month, i just hate the people that are buying into xbox’s feeble attempt to lure people to their side. XBOX DIRT.

  16. shelby sheldon

    i am a ps3 player i hate waiting for the map packs. i am 8th prestige. and i hate when friends cock off cause they get the map packs before me

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