Caption Contest: 100 ‘Bayonetta’ Codes to give away

chicken bike Caption Contest: 100 Bayonetta Codes to give away

Thanksgiving Dinner? No, this is my Triple Fat Motorgoose!

We’ve got some great news for all of our PerezStart.com readers out there and just in time for Thanksgiving. With special thanks to SEGA, we’re coordinating a Bayonetta Code giveaway for our Xbox 360 fans. That’s right, the first 100 Caption Comments on the site will win an Xbox 360 downloadable code for the Bayonetta Demo. Our Caption Contest rules are simple, and anyone with a 360 can enter to win.

1. Leave a relevant Caption for the picture above.

2. Try to make it funny!

3. One entry per user, per email

That’s it.  Retweet this post to spread the word –>

Codes will be mailed out when 100 eligible captions are made. If you missed out, you may want to check back with us tomorrow.  I’m just saying icon wink Caption Contest: 100 Bayonetta Codes to give away

Like Caption Contests? Be sure to check out our God of War Demo voucher ending tomorrow.

[UPDATE] All of our 100 codes have been emailed to the caption owners below. BUT Wait! We have 100 more codes available in this post.

pixel Caption Contest: 100 Bayonetta Codes to give away


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  1. Ron Setinsek Jr

    Me pluck you long time

  2. Baldwin

    “Let’s fry!”

  3. Zoe Marrone

    Cluck cluck chicken for a buck

  4. Dragod

    Just be glad that she was driving through the countryside…

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