22 responses to “Caption Contest: 100 MORE ‘Bayonetta’ Demo Codes To Give Away!”

  1. RageLeppard

    I can only assume that if my calculations are correct, proportionally with her boobs on her back that means her genitals are on her face!

  2. knight28

    the new cleavage: back cleavage!

  3. Roger

    I always thought boobs had nipples on them…

  4. Mike W.

    This is what happens when you slam the door REALLY hard on a big breasted woman

  5. Twist

    The plastic surgeon had a seizure during the breast augmentation

  6. SV

    Women always complain about big boobs hurting their backs . . . This lady complains about her front

  7. ciaran54

    Do you think these strap on boobs look better on my back?

  8. erodz85

    The PERFECT Woman… No Mouth and 4 Tetas… what more could I ask for?

  9. Cameron

    Wow her facial hair is out of control

  10. Eksdee

    two bras were needed but only one fit

  11. xLowzin


  12. Keylay

    More boobs does not equal more fun.

  13. Maestro_Sartori

    Her husband must enjoy giving her back rubs.

  14. Eliot

    Quality>Quan-Titty. Sexy Fail.

  15. Justin Rhoten

    she is storing food under them for the coming winter.

  16. Andy

    You’ve heard of siamese twins, well how about siamese boobs?

  17. Dragod

    “You know… This is Walmart. We have back bras in aisle 5, next to the men’s corsets…”

  18. DOA

    HELP I think my dog is stuck in there.

  19. Schwarzenegger

    Sorry but i think your neck is broken, OMG this is not your Boobs!!

  20. msgiggless

    I’m bringing sexy back!

  21. Hicks64

    Winter’s coming and she’s ahead of the curve!

  22. Jae

    Jelly rolls. Hot mess.

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