Caption Contest: Last ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ XBLA Code Giveaway

Caption Contest

Nervous? With this!

In the last of our Caption Contest for a Zombie Apocalypse XBLA code comes this gem of a pic.  We’ve done a bunch of these Caption Contests but this pic has so much potential.  Funniest caption wins a XBLA code for Zombie Apocalypse.

Let’s see all the funny ones.  Multiple entries are also accepted but know if one of them is really bad you’re canceling yourself out 🙂

1. Multiple entries will be considered

2. Bad captions will enter you in our Hall of Caption Shame

3. Funniest Caption below wins.

4. Press the “Retweet” button to the right –->

Funniest caption will be selected on Saturday, November 7th at 12PM EDT.  And I better not read anything about the Yankees in the comments…

Update: Hodsey is our Caption Contest winner.  Keep you comments coming, since Caption Contests are always funny.

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26 responses to “Caption Contest: Last ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ XBLA Code Giveaway”

  1. rinninja says:

    I've been training a hole month for Zombie Apocalypse, what do y think? m strong, right?

  2. VanIslePimp says:

    …and now you know how I got this haircut!

  3. xenoliath says:

    “Seriously, I have been fighting zombies, just look at the size of the zombie bite on my arm!”

  4. fresh0288 says:

    “Why do I play this MXC game”

  5. Mark Monzo says:

    I am strong & I have the muscles to prove it…uh, make that just one muscle…

  6. mirpkered says:

    I am already gaining my skeletal structure, I have bad teeth, and my hair is falling out on one side. One day I'll be as cool as Keith Richards!

  7. Radical Dylan says:

    “See baby, my right arm has more muscle then my left.”

  8. Helen says:

    Goddamn, I knew I shouldn't have let my mum cut my hair… if I could distract them somehow? I know! My muscley arms!

  9. Helen says:

    “Daaa, da-da-da-dah da daaaah! Oh gaashk Orive… I fowget my supinich…”

    “I popeye da say-ra man”


  10. Helen says:

    Huh!?! WTF!? Alright… who's stole my violin?!?

  11. Aaron Mazza says:

    Cher shows her Japanese fans that she still has the “guns” to perform.

  12. Vic Zee says:

    “Thank you, Jenny Craig!”

  13. Darren Yuen says:

    Welcome to the gun show

  14. Aaron Mazza says:

    You American muscles…so big! Japanese muscles…so small.

  15. Vic Zee says:

    R.I.P. My Boner… nothing will ever hurt you again.

  16. jomocpa says:

    Nervous? With this!

  17. jomocpa says:

    If only the muscles in my bicep were strong enough to hold up my wrist.

  18. jomocpa says:

    This is my “man” side.

  19. VanIslePimp says:

    WHAT? This isn't the reality show tryouts for BEAUTY AND THE GEEK? Can I still win THE BIGGEST LOSER?

  20. Shiaoran says:

    This is how the chinese will look like when they come up with hentai MMOs: malnourished and strong right arm muscles.

  21. mrjuandrful says:

    Congrats Hodsey! You won our Caption Contest!

  22. Helen says:

    Thanks so much for the code 😀 Brilliant!

  23. msgiggless says:

    wonton soup does a body good!!! teeheheheeee…

  24. Connor Walter says:

    Marcus Fenix: Eat Shit And Die!
    Dom: But how would that kill me?

  25. Fowz0r says:

    This muscle is from masturbating OGC, dont make fun of me you do it to!

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