26 responses to “Caption Contest: Last ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ XBLA Code Giveaway”

  1. rinninja

    I've been training a hole month for Zombie Apocalypse, what do y think? m strong, right?

  2. VanIslePimp

    …and now you know how I got this haircut!

  3. xenoliath

    “Seriously, I have been fighting zombies, just look at the size of the zombie bite on my arm!”

  4. fresh0288

    “Why do I play this MXC game”

  5. Mark Monzo

    I am strong & I have the muscles to prove it…uh, make that just one muscle…

  6. mirpkered

    I am already gaining my skeletal structure, I have bad teeth, and my hair is falling out on one side. One day I'll be as cool as Keith Richards!

  7. Radical Dylan

    “See baby, my right arm has more muscle then my left.”

  8. onyx62is

    Damn mosquitos

  9. Helen

    Goddamn, I knew I shouldn't have let my mum cut my hair… if I could distract them somehow? I know! My muscley arms!

  10. Helen

    “Daaa, da-da-da-dah da daaaah! Oh gaashk Orive… I fowget my supinich…”

    “I popeye da say-ra man”


  11. Helen

    Huh!?! WTF!? Alright… who's stole my violin?!?

  12. Aaron Mazza

    Cher shows her Japanese fans that she still has the “guns” to perform.

  13. Vic Zee

    “Thank you, Jenny Craig!”

  14. Darren Yuen

    Welcome to the gun show

  15. Aaron Mazza

    You American muscles…so big! Japanese muscles…so small.

  16. Vic Zee

    R.I.P. My Boner… nothing will ever hurt you again.

  17. jomocpa

    Nervous? With this!

  18. jomocpa

    If only the muscles in my bicep were strong enough to hold up my wrist.

  19. jomocpa

    This is my “man” side.

  20. VanIslePimp

    WHAT? This isn't the reality show tryouts for BEAUTY AND THE GEEK? Can I still win THE BIGGEST LOSER?

  21. Shiaoran

    This is how the chinese will look like when they come up with hentai MMOs: malnourished and strong right arm muscles.

  22. Helen

    Thanks so much for the code :D Brilliant!

  23. msgiggless

    wonton soup does a body good!!! teeheheheeee…

  24. Connor Walter

    Marcus Fenix: Eat Shit And Die!
    Dom: But how would that kill me?

  25. Fowz0r

    This muscle is from masturbating OGC, dont make fun of me you do it to!

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