Caption Contest: Mothership Zeta Code Giveaway

Bi Polar Caption Contest: Mothership Zeta Code Giveaway

Hank should have read the Bi-Polar sign-ups thoroughly...

Welcome back to this latest edition of PerezStart.com’s inFamous Caption Contest giveaway. We were lucky to grab one (1) XBox Live redeemable code for Fallout 3′s expansion pack, Mothership Zeta. Our Caption contest rules are simple, but please know this contest isn’t for the young at heart certificate (18+ only).

1. Funniest Caption below wins.

2. Press the “retweet” button to the right –>

For those fans following on twitter @PerezStart keep telling your friends about us since we’ll have many more giveaways in the future.  Winner will be selected on Monday 10PM ET.  Good Luck To All!!

Need the 360 version of Fallout 3 Caption Contest: Mothership Zeta Code Giveaway to play.

-Make sure to enter in your email address so the winner can be notified-

[UPDATE - Winner was selected.  You can still comment for funny points if you'd like, just don't expect a prize or something like that]

pixel Caption Contest: Mothership Zeta Code Giveaway


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  1. scott malan

    a Dingo ate my baby!

  2. Shiaoran

    Ok, gotta post a caption for this one, even if the contest is over:

    They told the fursuiter to yiff in hell. He went to a bingo house.

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