Caption Contest: Win a Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Code [Update]

We got a "Bill of Sale" in here...

We have one (1) XBox Live code for the lucky winner of our Caption Contest for MW2’s Stimulus Package.  Rules are very easy.  Drop a funny caption in the comments below and be sure to “retweet” the message on twitter.  Winner will be selected at 10 PM EDT tonight.  Caption away!


1. Leave a funny caption for the pic above in comments

2. Retweet our message by clicking the “tweet” button ->

We’re hearing word that there is a bug in the Stimulus Package that Microsoft is currently working to fix via patch.

“Modern Warfare 2,” which today’s release builds on, was the most successful video game launch in history, pulling in $310 million in just 24 hours. That surpasses one-day records for movies, music, and all other kinds of entertainment. With so much riding on this game, Xbox Live support deployed quickly.

“The engineers are already engaged and working on the MW2 Stimulus Pack problem,” wrote Xbox Live’s director of programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb on Twitter. “They’ll get [this] corrected.”

Later, Major Nelson reported on Twitter that “The Stimulus Package needs a Title Update and it didn’t go out properly. We’re pushing it out now – it won’t be long.”

UPDATE 1 – Major Nelson’s latest Twitter message reads:  FYI RT @XboxSupport: Matchmaking across #XboxLIVE is fixed! You may still have trouble purchasing and we’ll let u know ASAP when fixed.

UPDATE 2 – Our code has been given away.  Thanks for all who entered and keep an eye out for future giveaways!  I’m talking to you, PS3 owners of Modern Warfare 2! 😉

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25 responses to “Caption Contest: Win a Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Code [Update]”

  1. Bryan Raborn says:

    “A sneak peak at the Luigi’s Mansion 2 peripheral only for the Wii!”

  2. mrjuandrful says:

    +1 point for whoever can guess where my caption is from…

  3. Mark says:

    Caption: “It took a family with a bandoleer of Dirt Devil hand vacuums to find the Sears receipt they got when they bought those Dirt Devil hand vacuums.”

  4. Kenneth says:

    Caption: “Team Dust Bust supports toddler tie dye t-shirts.”

  5. Doug says:

    Leave your old mop for a for a hand vac.

  6. casedawg34 says:

    “Winners of the ‘Suck It Up!’ caption contest from left to right: Gretchen, Cletus, Marge, Big Pete (and his one-legged Siamese twin joined at the boob, Little Pete), Joanie. Gretchen has been cleaning her cats with her dust buster. Cletus uses it to cleans his guns, so he doesn’t have to take them apart. Marge says it works great on her cooking show. Big/Little Pete loves to clean up his cars at his used car dealership. Joanie seems to have forgotten where she is.

  7. Trey says:

    With a little more practice, they can all bust ghosts together!

  8. “The ‘Wii Vacuum’ turned out to be the best selling peripheral among grandmothers and dudes with creepy staches’.”

  9. Patrick Pickering says:

    Local family show us how to suck

  10. Christian says:

    Something strange, in your cushions
    Who you going to call?
    Something dirty and it don’t smell good
    Who you going to call

  11. Just when you thought a family couldn’t suck more.

  12. INFECTED503 says:

    “You think your family can finish a Thanksgiving dinner? you can’t touch the Hoover Family!”

  13. eric says:

    Were so cool even grandma has one

  14. Jaya Steiner says:

    “No, grandma… We aren’t the ghostbusters anymore..”

  15. victor says:

    “suck my cloth!”

  16. Qrey-zee says:

    Da Vincis ” The Last Sucker” painting found in NJ basement!!!!!

  17. Fowz0r says:

    Yes were mexican and the father and kid are white….so whats it to ya!! I cheated on my husband for 2 dollars so we can get a taco of course.

  18. Charles says:

    I never would of thought that a family of six plus some vacuums could have given my such a fright!

  19. ZITTY21 says:

    Good Lord, this country is doomed.

  20. ZITTY21 says:

    That kid doesn’t have a prayer.

  21. Kieran says:

    The toddler is wondering ”What the hell are my family doing???”

  22. JOSH SMALE says:

    your picture SUCKS,,,,

  23. Julian_Moore_III says:

    Sandurz, what’s going on? It’s grandma. She’s gone from suck to blow.

  24. Zachary taylor says:

    Ha the ghost busters when there old

  25. Zachary taylor says:

    Ghost busters when there old lol

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