21 responses to “Caption Contest: Win ANOTHER ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ XBLA Code!”

  1. rinninja

    mom helpppppp, they gonna cook me and eat me!!!

  2. Doug

    Just another 'crabby' day.

  3. philxbefore

    “How is babby cooked?”

  4. Dave

    Dinner will be done in a minute honey. Go check on the kids.

  5. idrinksbacon

    No no no, you're doing it all wrong. They go in head first!

  6. Guy Eshel

    Crab babies crab babies! Look like crabs! Talk like babies!

  7. dav_o

    “This Halloween, bring the family to GiantSeafood Restaurant and experience the taste of red lobster”

    — the Happy Pirate Meal include a pair of roller skates —

  8. Tony

    “The things I do for a Zombie Apocalypse XBLA code… *sigh*”

  9. VanIslePimp

    Umm… this is not quite what I had imagined when I chose my SpongeBob SquarePants character Mr. Krabs costume for Halloween.

  10. Sogeman

    Everytime you masturbate, God cooks a baby dressed up as a lobster.

  11. Shiaoran

    When I get cookie?

  12. Vic Zee

    Lobster Boy finds The Crooked Cook's latest death-trap to be an ironic but fitting end indeed.

  13. shadaik

    Casting for a species-switching sequel to The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar, accidents proved unavoidable

  14. ilRadd

    I do not find this at all amusing! Somebody call the Department of Child Services…I so need new parents!

    GT: il Radd
    Twitter: @ilRadd

  15. Michelle Quinn

    See what happens when DAD chooses my Halloween costume. I wanted to be a baby zombie so i could win the code! :P

    Twitter: T34RS

  16. Darren Yuen

    Another lobster dressed as a baby in order to avoid being eaten, thats the 5th one this month!

  17. JLB01

    “Todays secret ingredient for this episode of Iron Chef America is… BABY LOBSTER… OH MY GOD.”

  18. mrjuandrful

    You sir, are our Caption Contest Winner! Congrats!

  19. Aaron Mazza

    If you think this is bad, wait until you see the Clams Casino.

  20. Radical Dylan

    …and dessert is 'angel' cake…

  21. Radical Dylan

    …and dessert is 'angel' cake…

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