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I know me posting this may  ruin my chances of winning but what the heck! I am in a good mood today after Obama’s Address stating I will get a tax cut on April 1st! So I decided to pay it forward to you guys. For those that did not read my last post is basically a Facebook for gamers to connect, unite and win prizes.

This month the prize is a 3 month Xbox Live Subscription Card. I  honestly have been holding back  on one because of the economy. As my friends play Gears , I just watch and sit quietly in the sidelines without a a subscription. They laugh , and joke around together in there little “Xbox party chat” as I just weep myself to sleep.

Want to win? All you have to do my friends is join the site and refer as many friends as you possibly can! Then after they sign up tell them to reply to the welcome message from Nick letting him know you referred them!Well you all are my competition now , so hopefully I will weep no more because I am beating all you suckers! I will send one million and one referrals and blow you all out of the park! I kid, I kid, I wish you all the best of luck!

Do not forget to add me on the site!

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