E3 2009: A Plethora of Left 4 Dead 2 Gameplay Footage


If you’re anything like me, ever since Left 4 Dead came out last year, you’ve been waking up in cold sweats reliving your game sessions.  It’s been keeping gamers fighting zombie swarms on a daily basis while keeping every experience fresh with the AI Director.  For the first time in its company’s history, Valve is working on a direct sequel that is going to be released nearly a year after the original.

Left 4 Dead 2 will have 4 completely new survivors to fight your way from Savannah, GA all the way over to New Orleans, LA.  As with the original Left 4 Dead, the survivors of Left 4 Dead 2 are folks who normally wouldn’t be found together: a high-school football coach, a mechanic, a local news reporter, and a gambler and conman.

Enough of my rambling and on with the gameplay footage!

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  1. lcrazykid says:

    Left 4 dead 2 is definitely going to be way better than L4D1. Why? Because chainsaws, frying pans, guitars, bats and more to beet the s… out of new blood thirsty zombie types. Get left 4 dead 2 free when it comes out at http://tinyurl.com/p2s55

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