E3 2009: Beatles Rock Band Official Trailer, Confirmed Songs List


Beatles Rock Band Release Date — 09.09.09 — don’t forget that date.  In this trailer for Beatles Rock Band you finally get to see the great visuals, hear some of the tracks you will play and get a taste of how the 3 part harmony will work.


The chronological order of the songs performed remind me of my “Compleat Beatles” LaserDisc I had when I was a kid, as they play their way from “When I first saw her standing there” to playing “Get Back” on the rooftop sporting full beards.


This game will be more than a game, it will be a collector’s dream for all Beatles Fans alike.  I, for one will be uploading all of my lonesome solo’s featuring “And I Love Her” and “Ana”; not sure if those two titles will be on there, but that’s never stopped me before!

Here’s the Confirmed Song titles that will be available for Beatles Rock Band:

When I saw her standing there
I Want to Hold Your Hand
I Feel Fine
I Am The Walrus
Ban In The U.S.S.R.
Octopus’s Garden
Here Comes The Sun
Get Back

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