E3 2009: Exclusive Maps for XBox 360 coming to Modern Warfare 2


Breaking news just in.  For you Modern Warfare 2 fans and XBox 360 gamers, you’ll be treated to know that there will be 2 new map packs coming to XBox Live FIRST.  So we now see a new type of exclusive content is with this news of a “timed” exclusive map pack.


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Readers Comments (3)

  1. That is complete Bullshit to owners of the PS3. We play just as much as anyone else. We are paying just as much as anyone else. Why should we have to wait or possibly not even get the map packs. Why does Xbox get the Special treatment. We paid more for our systems, sure we have a free network, but be fair about it. Give us the map packs also…… What’s the deal?

  2. First fallout then gta4 now this microsoft is so stingy

  3. i owned a ps3 at one point and all i have to say is scrap metal cause it sucksdante

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