4 responses to “E3 2009: Microsoft Reimagines Gaming Experience With Project Natal”

  1. wowgold

    I’m excited about Microsoft’s Project Natal. If ever this is launched, I bet they’d be able to get half of the gaming market in it’s first quarter. Oh well, I’d still not be leaving my character in World of Warcraft but I’d make sure I’ll grab Microsoft’s product asap.

  2. refugee

    This looks like a more sophisticated version of the 80’s classic Dragons Lair/Space Ace by Don Bluth. Instead of using a joystick, it seems as if one can utilize their bodies to avoid traps and navigates through stages. Very curious to find out more about Natal!

  3. babylinda

    This is so awesome. I can see this technology used as a dating sims type of thing also.

  4. msgiggless

    I think this is very very cool but it definitely will create a whole new world on how players interact with video games.. I’m into technology and all but I think I’m (somewhat) of an old school gamer that I would like to have my controller. It would be too weird to just use motions, voice ,etc… It would be cool if they can have this for PS3 as well so i can try it! ;D

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