E3 2010: “Kinect” is the new name for XBox 360’s Project Natal


Microsoft’s newest motion control peripheral has been renamed to “Kinect”.  Formerly known as Project Natal, this latest technology will allow gamers to not only game but also communicate with family and friends without the use of a headset.  Wow, the future!

No headsets, no controllers!  For those of you who want the option of driving your race car or swing your light saber with those clunky peripherals, now is the time.  At least on the XBox 360, thanks to Kinect.  More games have been announced and will be exclusive for Kinect.  Check out the list below:

– Star Wars game from Lucas Arts
– Disney game, a dance title from MTV (interesting)
– Kinectimals – a pet-training title
– A Wii Sports clone called “Kinect Sports”. Kinect Sports video runs, with soccer, bowling, track and field events, ping pong, boxing, volleyball
– An adventure sports game and (possibly FIFA soccer)
– Joyride as a motion-controlled game.

So as we prepare for this latest piece of technology, who really believes it’s as good as it’s been demonstrated. I mean, the concept of the Wii at first was fantastic but shortly lived once the Wii Motion Plus was revealed. Thus proving my point on how really accurate are these peripherals. I’m for the this new form of gaming but gaming without the use of hands has been tried and tried again, but gamers always feel the need to “control” their experience. The big question will come down to you, will you give Kinect a chance or will it blow away just like the Wii has…???

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