Finger Tap Your Way To Dance Dance Revolution On Your iPhone!

dancedance1 Finger Tap Your Way To Dance Dance Revolution On Your iPhone! What can I say , I have been a huge Dance Dance Revolution fan since I was in High school in the mid 90s. In my opinion it trumps the  Wii Fit if you are really trying to break a sweat and shed some pounds. Unfortunately this iPhone version “Dance Dance Revolution S” is only a workout for your fingers. So if you have some chubby fingers this is the game for you!

Seriously though if you want a “Real” workout and want to lose some actual weight instead of a virtual scale from Wii Fit, buy Dance Dance Revolution  Universe 3 or any DDR version for that matter. The old and  unpopular songs are actual the most hardcore if you really want to sweat and shed some pounds. Now if you just want another iPhone game or app to show to your friends and brag, sure get this game! By the way Konami announced this game recently but has been out for a while!  The price goes for a  mere $6.99 if you want to add this to your iPhone.


pixel Finger Tap Your Way To Dance Dance Revolution On Your iPhone!


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  1. mrjuandrful

    Cool, my fingers need to lose a few pounds. How much?

  2. babylinda

    Updated with price* even though you do not own one!

  3. Daniel Perez

    I tried out the demo and it feels very strange to be playing this with your fingers. If you already have a sense of how to play DDR, then there isn’t much of a learning curve. I personally enjoy playing DDR for the aerobic aspect of it. Playing the iPhone version makes me feel like I am only cheating myself out of a decent workout.

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