Game Review: The Under Garden Review (XBL)

When I was asked to review “The Under Garden”, I had no idea what this downloadable game was or what it was about. Anything released around the same time a new Call of Duty game is bound to be overshadowed but I was shocked to find how drawn in I was in by this title. A bright, colorful, artsy game with light puzzle elements and a giant addiction to collect everything is how it could be summed up.海底乐园

You control some type of little creature that looks like a baby version of the character Howie Mandell played in the 80’s movie “Little Monsters”. There’s no story, hit point bar, enemies, or bosses; simply you float around each level bumping into pollen pods and sprouting all nearby flowers until you reach the exit. At the end you are given a score based on your percentage of flowers spawned and collectibles which uploads to the leaderboards but aside from that, there isn’t much else going on.

While the concept is pretty unique the more I played the more I thought to myself, “So this is what it would be like if the PSN games Flower and PixelJunk Shooter had an offspring”. It’s actually a good merger of both titles and creates something that is fun and different to play. Just like the two previously mentioned titles, I found myself trying to collect everything I could before I reached the end of the level. Of course, you are allowed to go back to any completed level and replay to achieve that perfect run.

“The Under Garden” is a nice change of pace and enjoyable to play. It has a calm, soothing feel so if you’re tired of rage quitting from Halo: Reach or Call of Duty, this is sure to put you at ease. It has a pretty good replay ability especially if you are a collection perfectionist or a leaderboard contender. It is truly sad that this game slipped by unnoticed because it definitely deserves a shot of your time.


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