Halo Legends Anime Releasing in 2010; Master Chief Kawaii?

Halo Legends Anime

My two obsessions lately have been video games and anime.  If you told me there would be a day where one of the biggest video game franchises in recent history will get an anime treatment, I’d turn you to the Legend of Zelda cartoons from the late 80s to remind you what a horrible idea mixing video games and cartoons can be.  Halo Legends might be more than just a cartoon though.

Halo Legends is getting some seriously recognizable companies behind it: Studio 4C, Production I.G., BONES, Toei Animation, and Casio Entertainment.  All of these studios on their own have created amazing animes, and now, having them all work on Halo Legends is certainly going to be a treat for both gaming and anime fans.  Judging by the trailer (which can be seen after the break), all of the studios will create their own version of the Halo Legends story, similar to the Batman anime that was released a little while back.

Not much else is know about Halo Legends at the moment, but its trailer was just released today.

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  1. You beat me to writing about this! I am just as excited as you are my friend! My two loves combined!

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    I am definitely looking forward to this.

  3. There is obviously a lot to know about this.

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