2 responses to “I have the worse case of “Gamers Block”!!”

  1. Kezins

    The same thing happened with me and Halo. I took about a year break from the franchise and when I came back, I was throwing grenades when I meant to melee and seemed completely lost in the game. I went from being pretty good to mediocre in a year. The only thing I can say is you have to work through the frustrating part of re-adjusting to things to get to the fun. I never truly regained my interest in Halo though. I play once every week or two when at one time, I played every day of the week. Dragon Age 2 should hold you over until Skyrim comes out.

  2. Daniel Perez

    I had gamers block with Dragon Age. I stopped playing it for about a year and tried to get back into it from where I left off. I forgot how to properly play and my character’s skills and abilities.

    I started playing it again last month in order to get myself ready for Dragon Age 2, so I decided to start all over again. I’m happy I did because it’s such a great game.

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