Isn’t He Precious! Left 4 Dead Plushie!

smoker Isnt He Precious! Left 4 Dead Plushie!

Trevor H. has one of the coolest girlfriend ever she has many a hobby but her favorite is making plushies. Plushies from Valve, games like the Left 4 Dead one right over here. Isn’t this smoker precious, only a face a mother can love! Girl keep making plushies and doing what you love, perhaps you can do some LBP ones next!


pixel Isnt He Precious! Left 4 Dead Plushie!


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  1. Daniel Perez

    I’d love to snuggle up with the Smoker plushie, but I fear he would just strangle me to death while my teammates leave me behind to die.

  2. babylinda

    @Daniel Perez
    Yeaaa, that is very probable

  3. Andy

    I want one. ;3;

    I don’t suppose she’d be interested in making one for me? I’d pay for shipping and materials and whatnot. c:

  4. Randi

    OMG!! She is an awesome sewer!! I would love that smoker..but I think I would love a hunter plushie even more!! Does she have a site?

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