Left 4 Dead 2’s “The Passing” Leaves No One Behind

Survivors stick together

If you like your zombies fast and survivors plucky then you’ll be happy to hear that Valve dropped some more details about “The Passing” at Microsoft’s X10 conference.  “The Passing” will provide players with two new weapons to constructively increase the average number of perforations per zombie, one in melee format, the other in ranged.  Reports from the show floor suggest that the ranged weapon is a sort of heavy machine gun, something bearing a close resemblance to a M60.  Further information regarding the appearances of the original game’s survivors also cropped up.  They will occupy an NPC role and will reportedly feature at the beginning and end of the campaign.  Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for 8 player co-op zombie slaying action.

One final bit of good news on the zombie slaying front.  Valve has announced that the original Left 4 Dead will see some content love as well.  Roughly a month following the release of “The Passing” Left 4 Dead players will get a new campaign that covers events leading up to the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign.  No specific details were given, but it should go a long way towards quelling the remaining discontent over Left 4 Dead 2’s rapid development and release time.

Throw some gas in that chainsaw and start stockpiling ammo, more zombies are headed your way soon.


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