Major Nelson Promises Faster NXE Dashboard In Next Update

xbox360 nxe major nelson update

If you’re an avid Xbox 360 user, I’m sure you’ve noticed how laggy the NXE dashboard can be, especially when you are looking up achievements or your friends’ list.  Icons and avatars can take up to 30 seconds to load, but in the gaming world, 30 seconds can feel like forever!  Thankfully, that is going to change in the next Xbox 360 dashboard update.

In Major Nelson’s latest podcast, he says the next dashboard update will offer a much more responsive dashboard.  The dashboard will also receive a number of other anticipated updates, such as the Avatar Marketplace and Games on Demand, which is the Xbox 360 download service for their various big-name titles.

The expected timeframe of the upcoming dashboard update is slated for later this year, until then, I guess try not to check your achievements or friends’ list.

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