Man Shoots Friend Over Xbox Game; May Have Anger Management Issues

angry_puppyWhat was your most outrageous reaction during a gaming session?  That will probably pale in comparison to this story.

A 28-year-old Chicago man named Joseph Johnson is being charged with first-degree murder.  Joseph was playing video games with 24-year-old Danny Taylor when they got into an argument.  Any normal person’s reaction to an argument stemmed from a gaming session should always be to play a round of “Rock-Paper-Scissors” and decide who the true victor is going by the universal ‘2 out of 3’ odds.  Unfortunate for Danny, Joseph didn’t know those rules.

Joseph decided shooting Danny in the back of the head was the best solution to the argument.  Little did Joseph know that when you shoot someone in the back of the head, they often stop living.  The Cook County Medical Examiner pronounced Danny dead at the scene of his home at the Southside Apartments in Chicago.


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