Mass Effect 2: The Arrival Launching March 29th


A lot of people, including myself have been waiting for it and its finally here. The last and final DLC for Mass Effect 2 before the long anticipated Mass Effect 3 hit stores this fall. All week Bioware has been releasing teaser photos on their website and drumming up massive likes on their Mass Effect facebook page as well. “The Arrival”, will seem to fill in the gap between ME2 and ME3.The mission will be to rescue and undercover operative who has intel on an imminent Reaper invasion. Special guest appearance by Admiral Hackett, voiced by actor Lance Henriksen of “Alien” and “Terminator”.

Mass Effect 2 has many hidden mission that are available to players just by scanning random planets. The ending of some these mission can sometimes relate to stories from ME1 like the visions, and to current stories involving gangs like the Blood Pack or Blue Suns. But its the missions that relate to the future of the game that have a lot of fans psyched. Because you are able to have such a profound effect on the games time line. Whether its deciding who lives or dies, what kind of Cerberus information gets leaked or not, or deciding what Cerberus operations are shut down, it all carries over to the next game. Making the story more engaging and much more personal for each individual player. With this last and final DLC it will be interesting to see what kind of effect you can have on part 3.

“The Arrival” will include 3 new achievements for the Xbox 360, the PC, and three new trophies for the PlayStation 3. Scheduled for release on March 29th, It will be available for 560 Microsoft Points, 560 Bioware Points, and about $9 on the PlayStation Network. Prior to “The Arrival, Bioware released an Alternate Appearance Pack for Tali, Grunt, and Miranda Lawson, which gave each character new armor.


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