Microsoft Dropping Prices For Xbox 360 Elite & Pro This Weekend

Xbox 360 Price Cut Weekend

If you’ve been in the market for an Xbox 360, there’s no better time than this weekend to ‘Jump In’.  Microsoft announced today they will be dropping the price on the Xbox 360 Elite down by $100 making the MSRP to $299.  The Xbox 360 Pro will also receive a price drop of $50, which will lower its price to $250.  With the price-drop bonanza taking place this weekend, the Xbox 360 Arcade stays unchanged and will continue to retail for $199.

Microsoft also stated the Xbox 360 Pro will be phased out of production with the Xbox 360 Elite will take its place.  The Xbox 360 Elite will continue to sport a 120GB hard drive, black console & controller, and HDMI port, but Microsoft is no longer supplying the Xbox 360 Elite package with an HDMI cable.  Instead, it will come packaged with the standard AV cables.

As much as I want to complain about Microsoft not supplying Xbox 360 Elites with HDMI cables, there really is no complaint there as HDMI cables are fairly cheap to buy and I’m sure everyone by now has a spare cable or two laying around somewhere.  If a non-HD educated patron buys an Elite, and doesn’t even know what the HDMI cable is for, then that’s money down the drain for Microsoft.

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